Do you accept applications on weekends?
Yes, definitely. In fact, you can apply for our loans any time you are in need of cash. We, at Instant Installment Loans Now process loan requests 24/7. Hence, do not hesitate to apply during the night and on weekends.

How will the application procedure take place?
The application form is there on our website, on the Apply Now page. The form is very short and simple and you can fill it within a few minutes. Complete all the fields as required. Just click the Submit button for sending it to us.

How much does the application fee cost for the monthly loans for bad credit?
You will not have to pay anything at all. Our loans are available without any application/processing or registration fee.

Which documents will I need to fax along with the application form for the loans?
None. We arrange paperless loans solutions for every borrower. Hence, do not bother to fax or mail any document to us.

I do not own assets like car/home. Am I still eligible for monthly loans for bad credit?
Yes, of course. Our loans do not require collateral pledging. Therefore, you need not own property mandatorily to avail the cash assistance through us.

My credit report is full of defaults and foreclosures. Can I apply for the loans?
Yes, you can apply without fearing any rejection from our lenders. In fact, irrespective of your poor credit scores and ratings, you might have to go through the credit checking process.

I have some suggestions and questions regarding your cash services. How should I contact you?
Very simple; we, at Instant Installment Loans Now, are at your service round the clock. Use the form that is available on the Contact Us page and send the same to us. Our representative will get in touch with you within the shortest possible time.

Will I be obligated after applying through the online application process?
Not at all. Our application process is devoid of any obligation. Therefore, you are free to cancel your application any time you wish.

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